As music has become more a part of my life — largely with getting into recording & making albums — the more I’ve become aware of the support that other people give toward my passion. In no particular order, I’ve established this space to give acknowledgment to the people who have given usually quite a bit to me — seriously, you can only fit so much in album liner-notes.
Thank You, Don

“I just keep saying ‘thank you’ because I don’t know what else to say.”
Dave Matthews
Móran Taing (Gaelic for “Many Thanks) … My Mom & Dad for supporting my music while growing up and continuing to support my playing, and more than anything for believing in me * Service Personnel who have stood for Liberty and Defended My Freedom of expression, among so much more * My Instructors Colin, Kevin, Micah, Patrick and probably those other guys for quietly listening to my errors, encouraging my growth, showing me again & again until I got it right, and cheerfully meeting with me the following week to take another stab at it * Annette & Jim M. where does one begin & end to say thank you to the both of you; for supporting my music, for selling CDs while Nae Regrets plays, for allowing me to gather you and another three friends around your dinner table to hand-stuff home-produced CDs for five hours the night before a big weekend of performing, for contributing to getting the next album ready for production, for introducing me to Fred Morrison when I was too tired to see straight … for the whole-rest of the huge list of generous stuff that you do * Churches in Shoreline, WA who have permitted me to use their space for practice when I couldn’t play Highland bagpipes at home due to living in an apartment * Sam L. for getting Nae Regrets’ album “Ceòl gu Brath EP” artwork together in the 11th hour of Spring 2009 * My Friend K for encouraging me to start taking the business-end of my music more seriously, coaching me, handling things I preferred to not handle, and helping with art and promotions material (quit disappearing on me, huh) * My Friend & Fellow Musician Dave P. who entertains and encourages some of my more (unique, avant gaurd, crazy?) creative musical aspirations — one of these days soon we’ll do one of them together … at least one * Folks Who Buy CDs I’m flattered that you listen when I play and then humbled that you want to take my music home with you too * Fellow musicians who have encouraged my album-recording endeavors and of their own volition volunteered their time & abilities to contribute, and who have gone out on a limb in attempt to bring some of my unique music ideas to fruition and made them successes, live &/or recorded * Composers who have allowed me to record their compositions for acknowledgment-only to help keep costs down on making albums * Friends who have come out public performances and who listen to me go on & on with excitement about my latest idea for yet another album * Musicians Who I’m Inspired By Gordon Duncan (RIP), Martyn Bennett (RIP), Jerry Holland (RIP), Fred Morrison, members of The Who, Dave Matthews Band, Eric Clapton, Liz Phair … * People Who Told Me I Couldn’t Do Something I give myself plenty of work but you gave me even more, and I’m glad to when I’ve proved you wrong *