Highland Solutions Organization

Since August of 1999 I have been making valueable connections which I have come to call Highland Solutions Organization — my personal network of Celtic-arts professionals. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating the life of a deceased loved one, launching a product, or want to bring extra flair to a formal dinner gathering, in most cases I can get you the people with the tallents to meet & exceed what you imagine for your needs. Musicians, dancers, tailors, Celtic gifts, even MCs and priests — tell me about your event and I will tell you what we can do for you.

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My first professional Highland bagpipe performance was a wedding in the spring of 1998. I have since gone on to be of service for many types of occasions throughout Washington and into Oregon, California, and Vancouver BC Canada. I strive to meet the needs of my clients, and at every time possible customize my performance, crafting a unique memory.

I perform with Highland pipes and, when more appropriate for my clients’ needs, with my Scottish smallpipes.

I am experienced & available to play all sorts of events — weddings & receptions, funerals & memorials, product launches, retirement parties, birthday celebrations, sporting events, et cetera.

Please let me know if you would like my services with the accompaniment of additional pipers, drummers, or Highland dancers. Describe to me what you imagine for your event and I will do my best to bring a most memorable performance to fruition.

Also, I am an ordained minster capable of presiding at your cerimony. Do you want Elvis at your wedding or a zombie bagpiper? Let me know what you seek and I will do my best to fulfill what you imagine.