Piper’s Corner

I’m a piper, You’re a piper — wouldn’t ya like to be a piper too???
Resources for Highland bagpipers from BagpiperDon

In the past the Dropkick Murphys’ had a section on their website I believe titled “Piper’s Corner” — a place where we could download sheet music for pipe sections in their tunes, whistle charts, etc etc. There wasn’t much there, but it was handy if you like the band &/or are covering their tunes with a rock band.

All in good time, I intend to post useful tid-bits through my own similar section — perhaps notation of my own compositions &/or arrangements, how to finger “alternate” pitches on your chanter, etc.

If you’re a piper, and you’ve found this little ‘corner’ of my website, check back soon and hopefully you’ll find something interesting &/or useful.