Compositions and Arrangements

Original Compositions & Personal Arrangements*

Humbly, I’ve composed a small number of tunes. Like my recording endeavours, I recommend that every musician — more specifically, Highland bagpipers — work on composing if they don’t already. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Located here is some of the music I’ve composed or arranged; also some of the music from other composers I know who have given me permission to play and post their tunes.

* NOTE The music I have posted here is probably under my copyright, meaning it is legally protected by me … which in basic legal terms as I understand them means you may learn it, you may play it for your own interest, however you cannot record it and sell your recording &/or perform it for pay without paying me my due royalties. However, if you want to use my music in these ways, please contact me to tell me what you’re doing and ask if you may use it — because I’d probably be happy for you just to use it — other musicians (Highland bagpipers) have done this with me when I contacted them, most were pretty cool about it. Just be mindful of applicable national and international laws — don’t make assumptions on law(s). Too often I’ve run into musicians who assume that because a living composer’s tune has been popular and played many times it is therefore in the public domain — in other words, they feel the tune is in public domain because they say so … but laws, lawyers and lawsuits will likely tell them otherwise, so protect yourself. Remember that music compositions do not enter the public domain until 70 years after the year the composer died.

Personal compositions and arrangements coming … sometime?