Wish List

Yes, BagpiperDon has a wish list. … Why?

As of yet I am not fabulously wealthy from my performing &/or recording … or my (lack of a) day job.
Professional Highland bagpiping is an activity where one usually does not so-much-as break even… So I’ve made this list both for the times that folks want to know whats on my BDay/holiday wish-list and so I have a convenient list for myself of the items I plan to procure.

So, am I suggesting that anyone should give me anything? … No.

However, if someone gets the inkling that they want to support my work & interest(s), or possibly has some of this stuff already and wants to find it a new & good home, I hope they’ll let me know … and if someone has a wealthy uncle they want to loan me, I can work with that too.

Amazon.com wish list name “BagpiperDon”
Shopping List (August 2010)
1 roll of Tunetape, a copy of The Complete Pipers Handbook
From Kinnaird – 1 spool of their pre-waxed twisted yellow hemp, probably good to get a spool of black hemp at the same time

Pipes, Piping Stuff & Other Instrument Things

Bagpipes & Associated Equipment
HIGH PRIORTY — Supplies for my new pipes
a carrying case for my bodhrán – have been trying to work on this with my dad
The Complete Pipers Handbook – by P/M Brett Tidswell — available through Henderson’s Supply for approx. $50
Other Bits & Bobs Still Needed for my new pipes
A custom blowpipe by CameronW to match the McCallum pipes — approx. $???
Water trap system — approx. $75-150
2 wooden chanter caps — {inexpensive, can be home-crafted}
new bore swabs (for helping dry out the instrument after playing) — approx. $75
possibly an additional McCallum chanter in the key of concert-A — approx $200
Better sounding pipes that produce tone to my playing level with all the bits and bobs that go with — PRICELE$$

Medium Priority
Mark Saul Bagpipe Tuner {approx. $320USD}
“Evolve Your Sound” t-shirt, coming soon {approx. $??}
a set of Gibson Fireside Pipes reeds in Bb (B-flat) {approx. $??}

Low Priority
a Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome {approx. $40-75}
ustom musicians’ ear plugs by Westone {approx. $150} Come in 9, 15 and 25 attenuators; I’m told I should get the 15Db attenuators The NON-CUSTOM are the ER-20 by Etymotic $12 – I have a set of these, they work well, the custom I’m told are better All of these are available through an audiologist.
Additional modification work performed on my Shephard bagpipes to make them play better {approx. $100}
Scots Guard I music book ISBN-10: 0853609535 {approx. $65}
Scots Guard II music book ISBN-10: 071198641X {approx. $65}
The Highland Bagpipe and Its Music by Roderick D. Cannon, ISBN-10: 0859765490 {approx. $85?!?!}
The Piper’s Primer by Russ Spalding {approx. $25 — I have Russ’s contact info, apparently to get these you have to go directly through him}
…and pretty much every other piping sheet-music books out there (I currently possess a copy of Cabar Feidh and Logan’s Tutor)
Other Instruments & Other Musical Things
a set of Fred Morrison’s reel pipes made by McCallum {approx. $???}
a set of uilleann pipes (aka union pipes) – key/brand/model to be decided {approx. $A,LOT}
intro to Highland snare set-up {approx. $100?}
a set of Highland snare drum sticks (KP2s?)
practice pad (Scullion pad?)
training book (Dethart?)
one or two sets of bones – pieces of wood used rhythmically played similar to spoons, “arrived in the U.S. via Irish immigrants, but has a history stretching back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome”, should be available at Dusty Strings in Fremont {approx. $???}
an acoustic guitar case – to be converted to a surprise pipe case, used should work great and be cheap if not even free as when they wear out guitarists often throw them out

Recording Gear – Equipment, Books & Other Stuff
NOTE: The entries with prices followed by an asterisk indicate items I can probably acquire at significantly lower costs through a particular source. If you are interested in filling these wish-list items, let me know so you can $ave-$ome-Moolah.
Books on the How-To Aspect of Recording {whichever edition is most recent, used books are AOK}
High Priority
Guerrilla Home Recording by Karl Coryat, ISBN: 0879308346 {approx. $15}
PC Recording Studios For Dummies by Jeff Strong, ISBN-10: 0764577077 {approx. $15}
Medium Priority
Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies by Jeff Strong, ISBN: 0764588842 {approx. $15}
This Business Of Music by by M. William Krasilovsky, Sidney Shemel, & John M. Gross, ISBN-10: 0823077233 {approx. $20}
Low Priority
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Home Recording Illustrated by Clayton Walnum, ISBN-10: 1592571220 {approx. $20}
The Mixing Engineers Handbook (2nd edition) by Bobby OwsinskiSOMEONE, ISBN-10: 1598632515 {approx. $35}
Modern Recording Techniques by David Miles Huber & Robert E. Runstein, ISBN-10: 0240806255 {approx. $35}
Recording Unit & Associated Equipment
laptop computer – when I started this endeavour a few years ago, a Z60-series IBM was suggested to me and Seattle Laptop came well recommended as a dealer {approx. $1.5-2K}
I’m still debating between an IBM-compatible machine and a Mac due to it being more of an industry-standard
I’m told an Appogee Duet works well with a Mac
previously considered a Dell XPS M1210 Mobile Media Guru {starts around $2K}
Seattle Laptop carries refurbished and new over-stocked machines
I’m told by Dan at Seattle Laptop that different IBMs are
$500+ less expensive for the same performing Dells
a better engineered, professional grade product that are more resistant to damage
more repairable, easier and faster to order any replacement parts
carry top of the line warrantiesexternal hard drive – brand/model to be decided {approx. $???}
250Gig, connecting using USB 2.0 (to maximize on gear’s communication, as FireWire will already be in use by mic interface gear)
recording software – probably Cuebase Studio 4 {approx. $400*}
PreSonus Audio Firestudio {approx. $700*}
this device interfaces mics, instrument pick-ups and monitors with computer via FireWire
a rack/box-thing for mounting, carrying, and protecting Firestudio unit {varying prices depending on models*}
I’m told you can get the mounting brackets and build your own box … which leads to the idea I have for a box to build that would function both as this box and convert into a table at the same time
here’s a very groovy alternate idea — this may or may-not work for me
Microphones, Cables & Stands
3 Carl Countryman Omnis mics {approx. $500* each}
these will need to receive heavy padding through C.Countryman and 2 of the Y’ed so that they can plug into 1 of the senders
2 Sennheiser Evolution Wireless EW-100 series wireless senders {approx. $750* each}
(I’m told specifically the “112PG2″)
2 Sennheiser EW100 wireless receivers {approx. $???*}
2 Shure SM57 microphones – used in good condition through Trading Musician {approx. $65 ea.} UPDATE: 4Sep10 I reinvested some of my meager earnings from recent performing and picked up a pair of used AKG Perception 200s from a popular local used music-gear store — I think these will stand in place of the Shure SM57s, and actually serve me better.
older production series; not the new ones (which apparently people modify), not the SM57 Beta
1 voice microphone – brand & model TBD {approx. $200}
used in good condition through Trading Musician, as I can get more of a mic purchasing used for the same money as a new
through my special * source I may be able to get an as-good or better new mic for the same money
3 microphone cables {approx. $1/ft after 25ft – may be available through my special * source}
2 approximately 25ft in length each
1 approximately 50ft in length
3-5 tripod-style microphone stands – used in good condition is OK {prices vary}
zZounds.com offers a bulk-rate 3-pack of these stands
I predict I can get these through my special * source
In-Ear Monitors – I PROBABLY NEED TO GET THESE AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WIRELESS MIC RIG ABOVE, also I probably need to get some that come with a collar mic… or so I’m told.
a set of Shure E2’s (or E3’s?) {around $100*; cheaper via Amazon.com}
Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Hardshell Headphone Case {approx. $30}
headphone extension cable, 25ft {approx. $10}
Other Stuff
probably big heavy-duty weather-proof lockable plastic tub(s?) for schelping everything around
maybe other small plastic tubs for storing gear in inside of el big-tub4gear
2-4 extension cords approx. 25ft long
power strips – I already have a few of these, a few more will probably be needed
POSSIBLY blankets from a 2nd-hand store – I may need these for acoustic purposes, making temporary home studios in garage/spare-room/etc settings …and potentially for reliving boyhood living room fort-making sessions, of course.

Kilt-Wear & Other Scot/Irish Clothing Stuff
NOTE: Check with me first about clothing sizes and colours/styles/etc.
British military sweater – I still need to sort out which branch of service for which style I want (black/navy, round not v-neck)
available at Federal Army & Navy Surplus, downtown Seattle {approx. $50}
Argyle jacket, black & my size with enough sleeve length
16oz Irish National kilt {tartan sample}
16oz Blue Mackay kilt {tartan sample}

Other Scot/Irish Clothing Stuff
some kind of better luggage for transporting my kilt-kit {two ideas}
Irish mens necklace thing, spelled torc, torq or torque
knotwork t-shirts – I like both long & short sleeve shirts, I tend to prefer the shirt itself to be black but not always
a Wickerman Festival t-shirt
Scally cap – Oi!
Real McKenzies band Tshirt {approx. $20}
Flogging Molly gear
Shamrock shirt, black – $18
Men’s beer label shirt – FYTC38 – $24
Flogging Molly 2004 US Tour Shirt – FYTC04 – $??
Long Sleeve Black Hammer Man Shirt – FYTC06 – $??
Other Stuff
Snake & Sword Belt Buckle – FYAM – $20
Dropkick Murphys’ Gear — yeah, I like the Myrphys quite a bit
10 Year Uncle Black – DRP1290 – $??
Warrior Black – DRP1257 – $16
Football Club Black/Green Soccer Jersey – DRP1298 – $31
Eagle Hockey Jeresey Black – DRP1336 – $??
other clothing stuff
Embroidered Mural Black 12” Ski Hat – DRP229 – $15
Pirate Pin – DRP660 – $3
Mural Belt Buckle – DRP812 – $20
White Logo Patch – DRP320 – $3
Crest Logo Kelly Patch – DRP339 – $3
Punk Army Patch – DRP340 – $3
Skeleton Piper Patch – DRP338 – $3

Albums (aka CDs)
NOTE: I’ve indicated release-dates when possible.
Traditional Piping … more or less
Fred Morrison – history
Broken Chanter – 1993
Celtic Colours – 1998
The Sound of the Sun – 2000
Piping Up – 2000
Up South – 2003
Gordon Duncan – 14May64 – 14Dec05 RIP
Just For Seumas – 1994
Circular Breath – 1997
Thunderstruck – 2003
Just For Gordon – 2007 posthumous release
Piping Centre Recital Series 1996 Vol. 4 featuring Angus MacColl & Gordon Duncan
Awesome Pipers
Masters of Scottish Arts – any and all available shows
Grand Concert of Scottish Piping – the CDs of the second & third and any following shows (I apparently have the 1st concert/1996 album)
Stuart Cassells
Blown Away
Celtic Piping … Other???
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers – the band name is sometimes found as “Stuart Cassells and The Red Hot Chilli Pipers”
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers – 2005 – apparently the first album is self titled
Bagrock To The Masses – 2007
Piping Hot
Young Pipers
A Piping Hot Christmas – Robert Mathieson and others
Celtic Electronic
Mark Saul – history
Mixolydian – his first solo album
M.Saul’s second release was slated for October 2007 but was delayed “Due to Mark’s latest project The Saul Bagpipe Tuner, the release of the next CD is now scheduled for summer 2008. Sorry for the wait!” (from Mark Saul’s website)
any & all CDs by his former band “One”
any & all CDs by his former band “Mumonkan”
CDs he performed on with “Sonic Animation” (titles may be “Electronic Disobedience” in 2000 distributed nationally through MGM Records and the EP “Rock Pop Star” in 2001)
Martyn Bennett – 17Feb71 – 30Jan05 RIP
Martyn Bennett – 1995
Bothy Culture – 1998
Hardland – 1999
Glen Lyon: A Song Cycle – 2002
Grit – 2003
MacKay’s Memoirs – 2005
Birds & Beasts (Music by Martyn Bennett and Fraser Field)
Sonic Impulse – Pipe Dreams (this is a guy/band in California — can be found on MySpace and sites like CDBaby)
Dropkick Murphys
Do or Die – 1998
Boys on the Docks – 1998
The Gang’s All Here – 1999
Mob Mentality – 2000
Singles Collection – 2000 (NOTE: This is Volume 1 of 2 albums by the same name)
Sing Loud, Sing Proud – 2001
Live on St. Patrick’s Day From Boston, MA at the Avalon Ballroom – 2002 (NOTE: My understanding is that this comes with or there’s a special version that includes a DVD of the concert — clearly, if this is correct, the DVD-included copy is what I am seeking.)
Blackout – 2003
On the Road With the Dropkick Murphys DVD – 2004
Singles Collection, Vol. 2 – 2005
The Warrior’s Code – 2005
The Meanest Of Times – 2007
Flogging Molly
Swagger – 2000
Drunken Lullabies – 2002
Within a Mile of Home – 2004
Alive Behind the Green Door – 2006
Float – 04Mar2008
Mill a h-Uile Rud – apparently to get these anymore you have to look for them pretty much online as imports
Ceàrr – 2004
Ceòl Gàidhlig mar Sgian nad Amhaich – 2005
Gàidhlig na Lasair – 2006
Real Mckenzies
Real McKenzies – 1995
Clash of the Tartans – 2000
Pissed Tae Th’ Gills: A Drunken Live Tribute to Robbie Burns by Real McKenzies Audio CD – 2002
Oot & Aboot – 2003
Pissed Tae Th’ Gills: A Drunken Live Tribute to Robbie Burns by Real McKenzies DVD – 2004
10,000 Shots – 2005
Off The Leash – 2008

Whichever edition is most recent, used books in this section are AOK
The Farfarers: Before The Norse by Farley Mowat, ISBN-10: 1883642566 {approx. $30}
Columbus Was Last: From 200,000 BC to 1492 by Patrick Huyghe, ISBN-10: 1933665017 {approx. $15}
Scottish Highlanders, Indian Peoples by James Hunter, ISBN-10: 0917298527 {approx. $20}
Tain as translated by Thomas Kinsella (Oxford, 1970), ISBN-10: 0192803735 {approx. $20}
The Book of Kells (translated), ISBN-10: 0500277907 {approx. $20}
How The Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History) by Thomas Cahill, ISBN-10: 0385418493 {approx. $15}
Temair Breg: A Study of the Remains and Traditions of Tara
historical reading on the history of/around William Wallace

I would probably want these to all be the same or similar dimensions
Rampant Lion
Ireland – not sure yet which one it is that I want … hmm, probably not just one
“Don’t Tread On Me” original US flag {the Gadsden flag – apparently this is a yellow flag, I think there is one that exists that is black which is my preference}
and lets not forget Canada …oh Canada UPDATE: Thank you Nae Regrets’ Canadian Highland snare-drummer Andrew N. for giving me a mini flag — maybe you can help me get the full size deal yet?
Travel Stuff
replacement passport – help get rid of me {approx. $100}
tickets to travel – help to get rid of me more … back to Scotland, Ireland, anywhere else cool that I’d like to see {pricele$$}
I’ve started to become interested in maps — I don’t quite understand this as of yet — I’d like to get my hands on modern maps of places like the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales {I think these are usually pretty inexpensive — sometimes even free!}

Items Now OFF My List…s
A set of McCallum Highland bagpipes, model AB4-Deluxe with engraved alloy and Mopane mounts & Celtic engraving — approx. $1,600 UPDATE: 06July2010 I picked-up my NEW PIPES!!!
a set of Gibson Fireside Pipes model R-103-BB in the key of A-major made of cocobolo wood with brass ornamentation and a baritone drone, plastic chanter {approx. $600} UPDATE: My folks gave me a marvelous used set for Xmas 2008 — Thanks Mom & Dad — now I can start recording that smallpipe album!
a new set of reeds, the set that came with the pipes are functioning but damaged {approx. $75} UPDATE: I’ve ordered the 2 reeds my pipes seem to most need replaced.
can’t have a set of pipes without a pipe case — as afore mentioned an electricians tool case from Harbor Freight {approx. $30} UPDATE: Picked-up by me with some 2009 Xma$ I was given from my folks for music-stuff — Thanks Mom & Dad!
paint — I want to decorate this case with racing flames {approx. $??}
an additional chanter in the key of B-flat chanter made of plastic {approx. $100} UPDATE: 8Jan10 I picked this up with 2009Xma$ given to me by my Mom & Dad to use on music-stuff.
studio headphones {$???} UPDATE: Thank you TaylorR for giving me her set of Extreme Isolation EX-29’s.
Waistcoat – UPDATE: My friend AnnetteM has kindly started to modify a tux-vest into a waistcoat for me — Thanks Annette!
To US this term tends to mean a kind of jacket, but to UK’ers it’s what US call a vest… it’s just that the UK’ers consider a “vest” what we call a tank top or moreover an A-shirt (tank top-undershirt) and I guess such a thing is just not spoken about among proper folk — anyway, I’m told there’s a suppler who does these for $35, I’m lookin’ for black.
Flogging Molly – Whiskey on a Sunday – 2006 UPDATE: Thank you to my friend HelenG for the 2007 BDay gift — she’s a dear.
Real Mckenzies – Loch’d & Loaded – 2001 UPDATE: Thank you to the Real McKenzies local manager for giving my friend DaveP & I some schwag when their show was sold-out.
Blast – 2008 – UPDATE: Thank you Gary for surprising me with a copy — I was unaware of this live album — Cool!
Outlands – 2009 – UPDATE: I attended Mastery of Scottish Arts with my mom 05Feb10 with my mom. She bought me a copy, I got to meet Fred and he signed it. I was humbled that he knew who I am; nice guy and a tremendous experience hearing/seeing him play. Thanks mom and thanks Fred!
How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman, ISBN-10: 0609809997 UPDATE: Thank you to my friend Hellen for the 2007 BDay gift.
The Kilted Ladies From Hell by Daniel A. McNiven, ISBN-10: 096546802X UPDATE: Thank you John W. Hurley for the author-signed copy.
Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick by John W. Hurley, Caravat Press UPDATE: Thank you John W. Hurley for the signed copy of your insightful book.
St. Andrews Cross (aka Saltaire) UPDATE: Thank you Caledonian & St. Andrews Society of Seattle for providing me with a St. Andrews Cross flag to start my flag collection.
a digital camera – help get me with the times … what do you mean my pager is “old school”? UPDATE: Thanks to my Mom for giving me her former digital camera.
a low-D whistle – brand/model to be decided {these can be the $250 or more} UPDATE: 20September2010 A fellow in California by the name of Ben, whom I’ve only met online, has very kindly offered to send me a Low-D whistle that he’s not using — WOW, thanks Ben!