You’re Handsome, BagpiperDon!

OKie-DOkie… I previously had this page set up similar to that of William Hung of American ‘Idle’s’ (former?) page “Marry Me, Will!”. I humorously promoted myself as being “The First Sex Symbol Of Highland Bagpiping”, offering for all single ladies over 21 years of age to send short, classy, flirty messages with a few appropriate photos — all of which could end up getting posted on this page, and might lead to making cordial introductions with the possibility of some meeting between myself and said ladies.

It was all in good fun, but there was a issue around the indication that submissions be, like myself, CLASSY.

To me, a person can be flirty and dignified, and have/be fun all at the same time — it’s called discretion. Messages containing lines like wondering what’s under my kilt is not flirty, its smarmy; it indignifies both the sender and receiver of the message, and it’s not fun for me. Lines like that — written or yelled* — make me feel as though I’m being treated like a piece of meat. I’m sure there are men out there who ask this sort of thing of women and their clothing, and while there is likely a time & place for everything in both of these situations, if there isn’t consent**, this sort of conduct is not classy. Also, a kilt is a heritage garment — not fetish gear or cross-dressing — and folks can be sensitive around this sort of thing … so I don’t care if it’s a guy in a kilt or any of the other numerous men’s cultural clothing that skirt the masculine body, treat people with respect and use the opportunity to ask a worthwhile question about the heritage they’re representing — you could end up learning something, making that person feel valued instead of diminished, and you could end up with a new friend.

You might note as well that there are NO submissions posted below — that’s because I received a number of notes from women and ALL of them contained some manner of “what’s under your kilt?”. I tell ya, any self-respecting bloke like myself can only put up with so much of that before thinking something has to give — so I changed this page. If I can get the original concept better thought-out or if I can get some CLASSY submissions I might repost it, but for now this is how its going to be.

What’s under my kilt? A human being, a person, an individual who is as equally deserving to be treated with at least basic dignity and respect the same as everyone else … so if you can’t say anything nice, “shut your flappin’ neck-hole”*** and don’t say anything at all.

Okay, rant over. I’m getting off my soap-box now, but please behave yourselves … I know, it’s difficult, particularly when you’re looking at a handsome man made all the more attractive when kited or wearing other impressive heritage clothing, but be classy with BagpiperDon or he’ll take his little red wagon elsewhere and play with the nice kids.

* …And what’s up with heterosexual-guys yelling that at me?!? I never did get that.
** Taking non-consensual initiative doing a hands-on check of any sort is absolutely NOT okay either — that goes for you too, ladies.
***”Flappin’ neck-hole” — the imortal wisdom of JoeB (RIP)