So, here's the deal -- I'm working on getting my new website built.  I'll explain this upcoming project better later.  For the time being, I've posted my project journal below -- it fairly well says whats going on.

February 19, 2009
Recorded Slow-Air Set with Thane last Wednesday 11Feb2009.  Within a few weeks before while taking a walk & talking with artist-friend Smurphy, she suggested that I make Building Fire and then get with DJ/mixer-types and have the album material re-worked as a techno/electronica album in the style of 
MBennet/MSaul/Blake/etc.  I have thought about this, quite like the idea, and everyone I have mentioned it to since have given very positive responses.
During this week I spoke with Blake/Sonic Impulse about doing this work, he’d like to be on board but won’t have time for months – so it’s still possible when I get to that point; Blake suggested that I talk w/ Ross Watt (Scotland) who approached Blake about re-mixing his album.  I had messaged Muir in the week or two before and he said he doesn’t have quite enough skill to do this work.

Current working title is “Build Another Fire”, have also considered “Building More Fire”.
Additional ideas this evening...
All of these seem to lack commercial-pop, particularly for the electronica/re-mix/house/DJ/techno genre -– not that I’m that familiar with it ... I'm working on it, Martyn, I'm working on it.

(I contacted Blake about this project -- as I recall he said he was rather interested & willing to contribute but didn't have time, at least for the short term, and suggested that I contact Ross in Scotland who'd contacted him about further mixing the Sonic Impulse material.  Per Blake's suggestion, I contacted Ross and he expressed interest.)
Blake in California / Sonic Impulse - www.myspace.com/hearsonicimpulse
Ross Watt / Scotland - www.myspace.com/rosswatt

February 23, 2009
In the last day or two I’ve thought the (perhaps working) title of this album might be "ElectriFire" –- a play on words of “electricity” + “fire”.  (Note that this is “electri(c)” for “electronica” and not “electro” as to not be confused with the music style “electro”.)  Much of the idea about this electric/fire is that the analogue of my pipes and other acoustic instruments I will be recording being the fire, and the digital/electronica/techno/DJ/etc being the electricity.

To best knowledge the compositions released on this album are traditional &/or in the public domain.
Recorded live SOMEWHERE, Winter Jan-??? 2009
All rights reserved.
© Don P. Scobie/Don P. Scoby 2009