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Are you kidding???
No -- contrary to popular belief, occasionally there IS a free lunch

Counter to typical music industry thought, I am giving stuff away ... not everything, but some stuff.  While I like to joke that one of my favourite 4-letter f-words is "Free" (right along with "Food"), but the fact of the matter is that I want you to hear my work.

I have decided to start with some MP3s from my Celtic-rock/fusion band's recent album released late-May 2010.  Listen to these tracks and PLEASE share them with your friends &/or tell your friends to come here and download the the tracks themselves. In time I plan to post additional materials -- desktops, screen-savers perhaps, maybe even ring-tones ... 'the sky's the limit'.

With downloading these tracks, please go to my contact page and email me requesting to be put on my mailing list -- also, please send your thoughts on these tracks.  If you like what you hear, go to and order a copy of the CD -- heck, order ten copies ... give one to your mom.

Free MP3 Downloads

Nae Regrets - Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009
Brown Haired Maiden set    STB Closer set
Nae Regrets playing NWFolklife 2010
Nae Regrets playing NWFolklife 2010


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