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Piping Books
These are texts I think every piper should own

History & Technical ~ Good reading for pipers & non-pipers alike

Books For Everyone
A number of these are books I've read &/or are on my to-read list

Some of my favorite artists, which I think you'd enjoy as well

Pipe & Drum Bands (Military/Corps Style)
Solo Pipers
Solo Pipers - Alternative / Modern / Electronica / Techno / etc
Other Bands/Projects With Bagpipes
  • Pipedown - The First Measure, their phenomenal debut album; Roag, their 2nd release, another delightful success  (MySpace)
  • Wicked Tinkers - LOUD & PROUD the Tinkers can't be beat!  (MySpace)
  • The Red Hot Chilli Pipers - High energy top-notch piping & drumming with accompaniment  (MySpace)
  • Piping Hot - Young Pipers
Celtic Punk Bands
Traditional Music Artists
  • Red McWilliams - America's Celt, my friend who sings like Jonny Cash performing traditional Scot/Irish tunes and more
Online Music
  • Beer Tent Radio - FREE streaming Celtic music, old & new, 24hrs/day, podcasts  (MySpace(NOTE: I'm not 100% sure this site is still operating)
  • IRFT Celtic Radio (NOTE: I'm not 100% sure this site is still operating)

About bagpipes, Scotland/Ireland, things Celtic, et cetera
  • "Instrument of War" DVD series - Should be about 3 discs & available through your local library.

Movies for Artists
These are movies I feel ever musician should see
  • August Rush - Despite the corny HolloWood ending, I think that this is an incredible movie about the spirit of music.
  • DIY or DIE: How To Survive as an Independent Artist (AKA DIY or DIE: Burn This DVD) - If you're an independant artist of any type, you'll want to see this.  At the beginning of the piece the film-maker states his point to project & what he wanted to explore -- and over the course of the film I don't feel that his interviewees prooved, represented or developed his point ... at all.  However, the interviewees speak a lot about the passion behind their work and doing it successfully their way regardless of what "The Industry" indicates.
  • Black Swan - Adding this title to this list came with a small debate.  A big portion of it is a psychological thriller; its also about an artist making a personal break-through into a different area of their craft.  Someone else might call me a dufass saying I missed the point entirely -- and maybe I did, but the film is also subjective.  To me, it had something to say about working within an art form that has an exacting/purist community surrounding it and breaking through ... and that for me is the greatest point of the film.

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