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Under Construction - WorkerI Haven't Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth
Things have been busy for the past year+ time with my music, making a career change, and managing life-in-general.  During that time I have been unable to update my website; apparently this has lead some people to suspect that I am no longer playing &/or performing.  This is not the case; I have not fallen off the planet, gone into hiding (sometimes not such a bad idea, eh?), aliens have not abducted me yet, nor the myriad other possible possibilities as to how or why one might disappear.  While I have had to take a bit of a step back to address my responsibilities, I am still playing and remain available for performances.  If you are seeking my services, please do not hesitate to let me know about your event and use the "contact" link above.  As for my site, I've recently started fiddling around with it -- you're currently viewing the 'new-look' along with some newly available content -- I will be crafting and posting additional content just As-Soon-As-Possible.

As the saying goes 'no news is good news' -- I have good news.... no further news here at this time.  Probably a good time to check back

D.I.Y. or Die:  How to Survive as an Independent Artist (2002)
Some of my recent film viewing
No, this entry is not an April Fools Day joke.  In fact, its not even much of an entry -- really, its just me making a note of a film I saw followed by typing a few thoughts that will probably rare if ever get read.  I saw this film via NetFlix; the opening prefaced  the intention of the film was to give history on the development of the independant artist scene and get down to the bottom of what motivates independant artists.  In my opinion, it barely did the first and didn't at-all do the second, however I enjoyed watching it.  I identified with the featured artists from my own endeavours to make albums and produce my Celtic-rock/fusion band, Nae Regrets, amid the Highland bagpipe community which doesn't accept much creativity or breaking out of the norm.  Likely I'll watch this film again -- in an odd way it both hit and missed the mark.  The individuals interviewed in this work ranged from people who are starving artists to people who are in some cases gaining some financial ground -- like me, regardless of what The Industry dicates or their peers indicate, we're doing it Our Way.  Something interesting to note -- when the DVD was released it was titled "D.I.Y. or Die: Burn This DVD" with no copy or region protection; people are allowed to make personal copies of this work. News
Status -- Returning to Normal
I graduated from a collegieat program of study 19June2010.  The past five quarters of school took quite a bit of time from my music, but I have since gotten back to work, making progress with a refreshed gusto -- and hunting for a new day-job.  At present I project starting recording work on my first smallpipe album around the end of this year, as well as recording the other half of Ceòl gu Brath EP -- my Celtic-rock/fusion band Nae Regrets' first professionally manufactured album -- after that, focusing on my personal pipe albums.
It is wedding season -- if you are seeking my services please do not hesitate to let me know about your event and use the contact link above.

Nae Regrets News
BagpiperDon's Celtic-Rock/Fusion Project
My Celtic-rock/fusion band, Nae Regrets, had another great year at Northwest Folklife giving more high-energy performances to fantastic audiences.  We released our new live album, "Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009" to an equally entheuastiac response.  We're using this year's event as a spring-board to both develop the group and line up performances -- possibly starting this late-August.
Check out the band's website at where you can also download 2 free MP3s

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