Studio Musician

Additional to my personal recording endeavours, I am available to contribute to other audio projects. To date I have appeared on a Latin-pop album and multiple tracks of a Greek metal band’s album.

Unlike many of my Highland bagpiping peers I am interested in exploring and potentially breaking any perceived limits of the music that can be made with Highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes. In particular I am interested in playing Celtic-punk/rock and traditional-electronic/techno; I also want to make music for movies, television, videos and commercials. I also play bodhrán (a traditional Irish drum) and have begun to teach myself tin whistle; I want to start learning uilleann pipes (Irish bellows-blown bagpipes aka union pipes).

With my own music I am experienced in working with rock percussion. I draw particular attention to this as the timing of the beat with Scottish music is different than contemporary music; I have already developed the ability to work with music and musicians outside of the Highland piping community.

Schedule providing I can work in-studio with local musicians or on my own adding to tracks from your project.

Contact me about your recording ideas.