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Survival of the Dead (2009)

Survival of the Dead is garbage – I rate it Red Blood.  What’s worse than that is that it clearly had a chunk of money behind it — not loads, but more money than many zombie films — which in my mind was money that could have been split to make at least 2 other cleverly-made lower budget better films.

My impression is that someone had a stack of admittedly clever zombie gags they wanted to get them in a film, but didn’t otherwise know how to pull it off — which at that they should have just left well enough alone … however, they got their funding and concocted a shoddy story-line that developed upon saying “Okay, we’ll use the military, ’cause that always flies in zombie films — oh, and to help it sell, everything Irish is popular right now, so let’s throw that in too!”

Close but … NOPE!

What, no gratuitous possibly-future-famous Z-film breasts to further sell this potboiler?!?  I like bad film, but in this case I would prefer that who-ever green-lighted this project read my review:  don’t waste your company’s money and don’t waste our time.

This isn’t what it looks like…

Zombies have taken over the world.  A ragtag band of soldiers roams the countryside to scavenging to survive.  The unit is intrigued when they hear of a safe haven on an island off the coast of North America.  Expecting to find a paradise, they instead find the island is torn apart by a wannabe Hatfield–McCoy family — one family wants to exterminate the zombies while the other peacefully coexists with their undead relatives hoping for a cure to return their relatives back to their human state.

This turd is directed by George A. Romero.  At least you’ll recognize Kenneth Welsh.

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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead – Green Ooze OF COURSE!

The seminal zombie film of zombie films that wasn’t originally meant to be a zombie film — so zombie-genre fans everywhere just may look at this as a happy accident.  As for the rest of this review, I’ll write it when after I’ve seen it again.

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Apparently there have been remakes of this film &/or re-uses of the name — I’ll have to see….

Day of the Dead (2008)

Green Ooze – BagpiperDon’s +/- Top 10

This remake of George A. Romero’s original 1985 film could be a called (at least by me) a cross between 28 Days Later and the 2009 version of The Crazies. From the start the action ramps up, and 30 minutes in it stays constant — intense gore-fest. The zombies are high speed, a bit super-human, and the humans consist of recognizable actors beginning their careers — all with no gratuitous displays of possibly-future-famous-breasts (they’re nice, but it just gets old in zombie films). This piece showed me a few new things to z-films, and the story-line didn’t particularly take any leaps, however I did have a few beefs…

I thought it odd that upon the point an infected human turns into a zombie that they instantly fester sores and rotted skin.

I might be okay with the zombies having slightly super-human strength, but a Spiderman-like ability to stick to walls/ceilings was a over the top — if they’re going to do that, I would have preferred to see that they had the strength to dig their fingers in and hold-on.

Toward the end two survivors who where military broke into a civilian firearms store — there are a few problems with this…..

Usually gun stores are highly secure, you don’t just push the door open

I would have preferred that the film made the weapons realistic.  Civilian versions of military style weapons are only available in semi-automatic, not full-auto (semi-auto: you pull the trigger and the gun fires once, commonly &/or intentionally incorrectly called an ‘assault weapon’ / full-auto: the weapon continues to fire as long as you hold the trigger AKA a machine gun).

How do you know your zombie film is cool? It features Ving Rhames!

Day of the Dead (2008) – IMDB