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Wyrmwood – Road of the Dead (2014)

Last night there was a meteor shower over Australia … then, inexplicably, some people started turning into zombies the following morning … normal types of fuel no longer work, but zombie breath and blood is flammable.

Weird — yeah …

Fun — OI, MATE!

Long/short — this film was a lot of fun, and surely is a film for my Top 10+ List.  Amazingly this film was budgeted at $160,000, and written by brothers Kiah Roache-Turner (director) and Tristan Roache-Turner (producer).

This was a kick because it showed some new ideas — not just with the characters Frank and Barry discovering that zombie blood can be used as a substitute for gasoline.  They take to the road to find Barry’s sister, Brooke.  She’s been nabbed by soldiers and a scientist, and gets injected with a chemical concoction that somehow gives her the ability to control the hungry hordes.  This helps to bring something fresh to zombie-genre after it’s received a heavy flogging in recent years.

In February 2015 a sequel was announced with a potential return of the original actors, with the release proposed for early 2017.  The Roache-Turner brothers later announced that their next project would in fact be the Wyrmwood sequel in the form of a 10-episode TV series titled “Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead“.  The team released a short teaser for the series on 19 May 2017, featuring Gallagher and Bradey reprising their roles as Barry and Brooke.

Not bad for a crowdfunded film where no one got paid (HOORAY FOR DIY) and made this film as a labor of love for 3+ years.

Wyrmwood at IMDb and Wikipedia

Here’s the trailer…

But why bother with that when you can watch the whole movie…

Affliction Z: Patient Zero by L.T. Ryan

I received a promotional e-copy of Affliction Z: Patient Zero (Post Apocalyptic Thriller) by L.T. Ryan when it was first released.  Frankly, it has taken me a while to get un-busy to where I can read it.  Currently I’m about a quarter of the way in, and I am ENJOYING it!

The short of it — because I’m busy right now and really don’t have time to type a book review (sorry Mr. Ryan) — is that about a dozen top-notch military guys (SEALS, Rangers, etc) get dropped into somewhere without much information.  They have their mission details but what they don’t have is intel on what they’re getting into … and shortly after they arrive they find out they’re in the middle of a zombie outbreak!  Beyond that, I can’t give spoilers (nor would I) simply because I have the other three quarters of the book yet to read …. which may well happen soon as I’ve been having problems putting it down.

Things I particularly like about Affliction Z: Patient Zero…

  • I’m not an expert but I know quite a few things, and the military references seem spot on.
  • The chapters are easily read in chunks — this is good for a person who loves to read yet doesn’t have much time.
  • The situation the military guys are in is palpable!  For me it pops off the e-page.  I feel that I’m there with them in an unclear and unpredictable situation.

L.T. Ryan has quite a few books to his credit — two of which are part of the Affliction Z series, and he says he’s looking to write more.  I’m only 25% of the way into Patient Zero, but I know I want to get my hands on Affliction Z: Abandoned Hope (2013) and Affliction Z: Descended in Blood (2014).

Hey — I just found the AfflictionZ.com home page — L.T. Ryan says he has book 4 on the way!

Affliction Z: Patient Zero (Post Apocalyptic Thriller) available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions

AfflictionZ.com home page & book updates

L.T. Ryan’s author profile on Amazon and Facebook