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Zombie High (1987)

Zombie High – Yellow Puss – also known as The School That Ate My Brain

No, this is not a flick about junkies turning into zombies (not that with some of them you could tell the difference), this is about kids at a prestigious boarding-school in the 80s.

One-by-one their instructors steal their sleeping students away at night to steal parts of their brains for their own sinister reasons, and then to make up for the loss they’re implanted with a chip. The next morning the students wake up as mindless well disciplined — and well dressed — learning machines starting the first day of their very successful and yuppie lives.

Surprisingly I have not seen gratuitous breasts yet — hey, it is an 80s horror film — but I have seen a number of little known actors in their early days who later went on to be ever so slightly better than little known actors. Watching this I’m half tempted to honor this flick by pulling out those 2 Shaw Safari shirts hanging in the back of my closet that have been waiting to come out for the right retro party. Frankly, maybe something that would have turned us more mindless like this back in the 80s would have been better, helping us to chill out instead of wearing all that obnoxious crap we used to wear and listen to that music, 1/2 of which was worse than our hair-doos.

If you’re a zombie fan, watch this film; if you’re a retro fan, watch this film; if you don’t have anything better to do, find something other than this film. Oddly, there’s another high-school flick where the students are being turned into some sort of learning zombies which is what I thought I started …. this is not the zombie film I was looking for, but they were the droids I was looking for.

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