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Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

Yellow Puss nearing light-Green Ooze

This was a fun film to watch, in fact I viewed it with my parents — my dad didn’t seem to say much but my mom was amused, and we got a kick out of watching it together … so if you’re looking for a Z-film to watch with your mom, this just might be the one!

I believe this was the other zombie film that was being shot in Washington State while I was a part of the making of The Book Of Zombie — the difference being that this B-film actually had some money behind it while the one I was a part of had only scrapings.

I had a laugh in that they kept referring to their location as “the island of Port Gamble” — Port Gamble is in Washington State, but not an island. This film was humorous but without being forced and makes social commentary in similar vein as some of the George A. Romaro films.

Would I recommend it, heck yes — I’ve seen better, I’ve also seen a LOT worse — it was fun.

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