The Book Of Zombie (2010)

What happens when a small, sleepy Utah town gets an undead wake-up call when all of the townspeople of Mormon faith suddenly transform into flesh-eating zombies?  A group of nonbelievers, unaffected by the mysterious epidemic, band together to survive the night and answer the burning question: “How do you kill a Mormon zombie?”

I have not only seen this film … I acted in it!

I was an extra in The Book Of Zombie on two nights of shooting. The second night was early in the film during the initial outbreak. On the first night we appeared to be shooting the final horde attack on the town; I was one of the three zombies standing behind (one of?) the main zombies as he got killed, so I’m visible in the film. I should be visible with a wound appliance just above my forehead. I’ve been told that my name is listed in the credits as one of the extras.

TBOZ at IMDB and Wikipedia

The TBOZ Official Website

The official websites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – &

That was the trailer — here’s the full movie!

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