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Yes, BagpiperDon has a wish list.  ...  Why?

As of yet I am not fabulously wealthy from my performing &/or recording ... or my (lack of a) day job.
Professional Highland bagpiping is an activity where one usually does not so-much-as break even...  So I've made this list both for the times that folks want to know whats on my BDay/holiday wish-list and so I have a convenient list for myself of the items I plan to procure.

So, am I suggesting that anyone should give me anything?  ...  No.

However, if someone gets the inkling that they want to support my work & interest(s), or possibly has some of this stuff already and wants to find it a new & good home, I hope they'll let me know ... and if someone has a wealthy uncle they want to loan me, I can work with that too. wish list name "BagpiperDon"
Shopping List (August 2010)
1 roll of Tunetape, a copy of The Complete Pipers Handbook
From Kinnaird - 
1 spool of their pre-waxed twisted yellow hemp, probably good to get a spool of black hemp at the same time

This page is Under Construction ...constantly

Pipes, Piping Stuff & Other Instrument Things

Bagpipes & Associated Equipment

HIGH PRIORTY -- Supplies for my new pipes
  • a carrying case for my bodhrán - have been trying to work on this with my dad
  • The Complete Pipers Handbook - by P/M Brett Tidswell -- available through Henderson's Supply for approx. $50
  • Other Bits & Bobs Still Needed for my new pipes
    • A custom blowpipe by CameronW to match the McCallum pipes -- approx. $???
    • Water trap system -- approx. $75-150
    • 2 wooden chanter caps -- {inexpensive, can be home-crafted}
    • new bore swabs (for helping dry out the instrument after playing) -- approx. $75
    • possibly an additional McCallum chanter in the key of concert-A -- approx $200
  • Better sounding pipes that produce tone to my playing level with all the bits and bobs that go with -- PRICELE$$

Medium Priority

Low Priority
  • a Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome  {approx. $40-75}
  • ustom musicians' ear plugs by Westone  {approx. $150} Come in 9, 15 and 25 attenuators; I'm told I should get the 15Db attenuators The NON-CUSTOM are the ER-20 by Etymotic $12 - I have a set of these, they work well, the custom I'm told are better All of these are available through an audiologist.
  • Additional modification work performed on my Shephard bagpipes to make them play better  {approx. $100}
  • Books
    • Scots Guard I music book ISBN-10: 0853609535  {approx. $65}
    • Scots Guard II music book ISBN-10: 071198641X  {approx. $65}
    • The Highland Bagpipe and Its Music by Roderick D. Cannon, ISBN-10: 0859765490  {approx. $85?!?!}
    • The Piper's Primer by Russ Spalding  {approx. $25 -- I have Russ's contact info, apparently to get these you have to go directly through him}
    • ...and pretty much every other piping sheet-music books out there (I currently possess a copy of Cabar Feidh and Logan's Tutor)
  • Other Instruments & Other Musical Things
    • a set of Fred Morrison's reel pipes made by McCallum {approx. $???}
    • a set of uilleann pipes (aka union pipes) - key/brand/model to be decided  {approx. $A,LOT}
    • intro to Highland snare set-up  {approx. $100?}
      • a set of Highland snare drum sticks (KP2s?)
      • practice pad (Scullion pad?)
      • training book (Dethart?)
    • one or two sets of bones - pieces of wood used rhythmically played similar to spoons, "arrived in the U.S. via Irish immigrants, but has a history stretching back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome", should be available at Dusty Strings in Fremont  {approx. $???}
    • an acoustic guitar case - to be converted to a surprise pipe case, used should work great and be cheap if not even free as when they wear out guitarists often throw them out

Recording Gear - Equipment, Books & Other Stuff
NOTE: The entries with prices followed by an asterisk indicate items I can probably acquire at significantly lower costs through a particular source. If you are interested in filling these wish-list items, let me know so you can $ave-$ome-Moolah.

  • Books on the How-To Aspect of Recording  {whichever edition is most recent, used books are AOK}
  • Low Priority
    • Books
    • Recording Unit & Associated Equipment
      • laptop computer - when I started this endeavour a few years ago, a Z60-series IBM was suggested to me and Seattle Laptop came well recommended as a dealer  {approx. $1.5-2K}
        • I'm still debating between an IBM-compatible machine and a Mac due to it being more of an industry-standard
      • Seattle Laptop carries refurbished and new over-stocked machines
        • I'm told by Dan at Seattle Laptop that different IBMs are
        • $500+ less expensive for the same performing Dells
        • a better engineered, professional grade product that are more resistant to damage
        • more repairable, easier and faster to order any replacement parts
        • carry top of the line warrantiesexternal hard drive - brand/model to be decided  {approx. $???}
      • 250Gig, connecting using USB 2.0 (to maximize on gear's communication, as FireWire will already be in use by mic interface gear)
        • this device interfaces mics, instrument pick-ups and monitors with computer via FireWire
      • a rack/box-thing for mounting, carrying, and protecting Firestudio unit  {varying prices depending on models*}
        • I'm told you can get the mounting brackets and build your own box ... which leads to the idea I have for a box to build that would function both as this box and convert into a table at the same time
        • here's a very groovy alternate idea -- this may or may-not work for me
    • Microphones, Cables & Stands
        • 3 Carl Countryman Omnis mics  {approx. $500* each}
        • these will need to receive heavy padding through C.Countryman and 2 of the Y'ed so that they can plug into 1 of the senders
        • 2 Sennheiser Evolution Wireless EW-100 series wireless senders  {approx. $750* each}
          •  (I'm told specifically the "112PG2")
        • 2 Sennheiser EW100 wireless receivers  {approx. $???*}
      • 2 Shure SM57 microphones - used in good condition through Trading Musician  {approx. $65 ea.} UPDATE: 4Sep10 I reinvested some of my meager earnings from recent performing and picked up a pair of used AKG Perception 200s from a popular local used music-gear store -- I think these will stand in place of the Shure SM57s, and actually serve me better.
        • older production series; not the new ones (which apparently people modify), not the SM57 Beta
      • 1 voice microphone - brand & model TBD  {approx. $200}
        • used in good condition through Trading Musician, as I can get more of a mic purchasing used for the same money as a new
        • through my special * source I may be able to get an as-good or better new mic for the same money
      • 3 microphone cables  {approx. $1/ft after 25ft - may be available through my special * source}
          • 2 approximately 25ft in length each
          • 1 approximately 50ft in length
      • 3-5 tripod-style microphone stands - used in good condition is OK  {prices vary}
        • offers a bulk-rate 3-pack of these stands
          • I predict I can get these through my special * source
      • In-Ear MonitorsI PROBABLY NEED TO GET THESE AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WIRELESS MIC RIG ABOVE, also I probably need to get some that come with a collar mic... or so I'm told.
      • Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Hardshell Headphone Case  {approx. $30}
      • headphone extension cable, 25ft  {approx. $10}
    • Other Stuff
      • probably big heavy-duty weather-proof lockable plastic tub(s?) for schelping everything around
      • maybe other small plastic tubs for storing gear in inside of el big-tub4gear
      • 2-4 extension cords approx. 25ft long
      • power strips - I already have a few of these, a few more will probably be needed
      • POSSIBLY blankets from a 2nd-hand store - I may need these for acoustic purposes, making temporary home studios in garage/spare-room/etc settings ...and potentially for reliving boyhood living room fort-making sessions, of course.

Kilt-Wear & Other Scot/Irish Clothing Stuff
NOTE:  Check with me first about clothing sizes and colours/styles/etc.
  • British military sweater - I still need to sort out which branch of service for which style I want (black/navy, round not v-neck)
  • Argyle jacket, black & my size with enough sleeve length
  • 16oz Irish National kilt  {tartan sample}
  • 16oz Blue Mackay kilt  {tartan sample}

Other Scot/Irish Clothing Stuff

Albums (aka CDs)
NOTE:  I've indicated release-dates when possible.

Whichever edition is most recent, used books in this section are AOK

I would probably want these to all be the same or similar dimensions
  • Scotland
    • Rampant Lion
  • Ireland - not sure yet which one it is that I want ... hmm, probably not just one
  • Wales
  • USA
  • "Don't Tread On Me" original US flag {the Gadsden flag - apparently this is a yellow flag, I think there is one that exists that is black which is my preference}
  • and lets not forget Canada ...oh Canada UPDATE: Thank you Nae Regrets' Canadian Highland snare-drummer Andrew N. for giving me a mini flag -- maybe you can help me get the full size deal yet?

Travel Stuff
  • replacement passport - help get rid of me  {approx. $100}
  • tickets to travel - help to get rid of me more ... back to Scotland, Ireland, anywhere else cool that I'd like to see  {pricele$$}
  • I've started to become interested in maps -- I don't quite understand this as of yet -- I'd like to get my hands on modern maps of places like the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales  {I think these are usually pretty inexpensive -- sometimes even free!}

Items Now OFF My List...s
  • A set of McCallum Highland bagpipes, model AB4-Deluxe with engraved alloy and Mopane mounts & Celtic engraving -- approx. $1,600 UPDATE: 06July2010 I picked-up my NEW PIPES!!!
  • a set of Gibson Fireside Pipes model R-103-BB in the key of A-major made of cocobolo wood with brass ornamentation and a baritone drone, plastic chanter  {approx. $600} UPDATE: My folks gave me a marvelous used set for Xmas 2008 -- Thanks Mom & Dad -- now I can start recording that smallpipe album!
    • a new set of reeds, the set that came with the pipes are functioning but damaged  {approx. $75} UPDATE: I've ordered the 2 reeds my pipes seem to most need replaced.
    • can't have a set of pipes without a pipe case -- as afore mentioned an electricians tool case from Harbor Freight  {approx. $30} UPDATE: Picked-up by me with some 2009 Xma$ I was given from my folks for music-stuff -- Thanks Mom & Dad!
    • paint -- I want to decorate this case with racing flames  {approx. $??}
    • an additional chanter in the key of B-flat chanter made of plastic  {approx. $100} UPDATE: 8Jan10 I picked this up with 2009Xma$ given to me by my Mom & Dad to use on music-stuff.
  • studio headphones  {$???} UPDATE: Thank you TaylorR for giving me her set of Extreme Isolation EX-29's.
  • Waistcoat - UPDATE: My friend AnnetteM has kindly started to modify a tux-vest into a waistcoat for me -- Thanks Annette!
    • To US this term tends to mean a kind of jacket, but to UK'ers it's what US call a vest... it's just that the UK'ers consider a "vest" what we call a tank top or moreover an A-shirt (tank top-undershirt) and I guess such a thing is just not spoken about among proper folk -- anyway, I'm told there's a suppler who does these for $35, I'm lookin' for black.
  • Flogging Molly - Whiskey on a Sunday - 2006 UPDATE: Thank you to my friend HelenG for the 2007 BDay gift -- she's a dear.
  • Real Mckenzies - Loch'd & Loaded - 2001 UPDATE: Thank you to the Real McKenzies local manager for giving my friend DaveP & I some schwag when their show was sold-out.
  • Blast - 2008 - UPDATE: Thank you Gary for surprising me with a copy -- I was unaware of this live album -- Cool!
  • Outlands - 2009 - UPDATE: I attended Mastery of Scottish Arts with my mom 05Feb10 with my mom.  She bought me a copy, I got to meet Fred and he signed it.  I was humbled that he knew who I am; nice guy and a tremendous experience hearing/seeing him play.  Thanks mom and thanks Fred!
  • How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman, ISBN-10: 0609809997 UPDATE: Thank you to my friend Hellen for the 2007 BDay gift.
  • The Kilted Ladies From Hell by Daniel A. McNiven, ISBN-10: 096546802X UPDATE: Thank you John W. Hurley for the author-signed copy.
  • Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick by John W. HurleyCaravat Press UPDATE: Thank you John W. Hurley for the signed copy of your insightful book.
  • St. Andrews Cross (aka Saltaire) UPDATE: Thank you Caledonian & St. Andrews Society of Seattle for providing me with a St. Andrews Cross flag to start my flag collection.
  • a digital camera - help get me with the times ... what do you mean my pager is "old school"?  UPDATE: Thanks to my Mom for giving me her former digital camera.
  • a low-D whistle - brand/model to be decided  {these can be the $250 or more} UPDATE: 20September2010 A fellow in California by the name of Ben, whom I've only met online, has very kindly offered to send me a Low-D whistle that he's not using -- WOW, thanks Ben!

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