Zombie Wars (2007)

I rate Zombie Wars as Yellow Puss

This Z-film was a B-film — in fact I fairly well got the impression that when it came to funding and production that these folks were only a little more connected than the folks I worked with who were doing The Book Of Zombie.

I would not recommend that anyone break their neck to see this flick — the acting and action was better than garbage, the writing was debatably better … or maybe worse. I did appreciate that this film showed me something new & different (and no journey) — the zombies in the film have developed a certain amount (albeit low-level) of awareness/communication/leadership. With this they have organized, and without giving too much away, they have captured & been breeding humans for food.

If you want a so-bad-it’s-good film to laugh at, this just may be the flick for you.

Zombie Wars at IMDB and Wikipedia

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