Discussions With Don

Early in 2014 I was asked to interview on C’ead Mile Failte — a Celtic music show on Whidbey Air Public Radio.  Things went well and I was invited to become a guest co-host.  In the weeks that followed the host Caelian Ro’an and I not only developed a repoire but had an absolute ball!  By a stroke of luck we also got a number of unexpected and very interesting guests into the studio — yeah, they just walked in and started talking with us on the show — musicians and even a professional radio personality from a well respected station.  Come spring it occurred to me that with my mobile recording equipment I could do interviews for the station.  Originally my intention was to talk with local Celtic-music soloists and bands — which I started doing June 7th 2014 — and along the way have caught some other interesting characters along the way.  With getting into doing these interviews I quickly realized that, considering the way they went, they weren’t ‘interviews’ so much as they were ‘conversations’ — hence the name of this page “Discussions With Don”.  While I will be playing excerpts of these interviews on C’ead Mile Failte, I wanted to post these in their entirety* — so here they are!  (*Although I might have taken out certain incriminating content &/or really bad jokes.)

2014 06-07 — Carbony Celtic Winds / Rob Gandare — Owner and instrument maker, Rob is making bagpipes, whistles, and other traditional instruments with an innovation, using carbon fiber.  (@ Bellingham Highland Games, WA)

2014 06-07 — Maggie’s Fury / brothers James & Terry Walters — Fun feel-good Bellingham-based Celtic-rock band, great folks.  (@ Bellingham Highland Games, WA)

2014 06-07 — Ockham’s Razor / Kris + bandmates — Seattle-area Celtic-rock band.  Great conversation, probably could have gone on for hours.  (@ Bellingham Highland Games, WA)

2014 06-14 — 1916 / full band — California-based hard-hitting Celtic-rock band.  Solid conversation, driven band.  I would have enjoyed getting to jam with them.  (@ Newport Celtic Festival, OR)