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Gratitude – Thank-yous to the great people who have helped me
Highland Solutions Organization – Some information about my network of professionals serving your Celtic goods & services needs.
Wish List – My list of need & want items to better support my music
Free Stuff – …No, REALLY!
Piper’s Corner – Things for pipers
Play Your Pipes At Work Day
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BagpiperDon Plays Smallpipes Nae Regrets on MySpace
Building Fire
Nae Regrets Nae Regrets on Facebook Nae Regrets on MySpace Twitter graphic – my Celtic-fusion project (band)
Nae Regrets’ albums
Ceòl gu Brath EP
Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009
YouTube videos of Northwest Folklife 2009
Northwest Folklife Festival – Pipes Drums / Irish Session (Brenda Stubbert’s)
Nae Regrets Bagpipe guy
LC’s stage-view Northwest Folklife 2009 videos – Bellydancers #1, Bellydancers #2, Dancing Audience, and Maggie’s Dance (proceeded by one rather hurt-guy)
YouTube videos of Northwest Folklife 2008
LC’s stage-view – Nae Regrets Rocking Out with Reels
Nae Regrets plays at Folklife in Seattle Folklife
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BagpiperDon’s YahooGroup mailing list Have Pipes ~ Will Travel
John Cunningham Memorial Nae Regrets on Facebook Nae Regrets on MySpace
Tartan Pipes & Drums
The tartan pipe & drum band I co-founded, manage and perform in as a member.
Music Projects I’ve Been A Part Of
Dol Amroth’s album “Around Europe In Ten Songs” – I was featured on three tracks! Official Homepage and MySpace profile
BagpiperDon Jams With Percussion (AKA The Bag’n’Pipe Hoppers) – a series of live jam sessions I did with different percussionists between Summer 2004 and Spring 2007 — to get discs of some of the sessions, please go to my Merchandise page

BagpiperDon’s Suggested Links
Bagpipes, Drums & Other Music Supplys
Henderson Imports came highly recommended to me. They have filled two orders for me and things worked out great. If you’re a piper, call and ask for Steven MacNeil — nice guy & a wealth of knowlege in the industry. (Traverse City, MI) (NOTE Midwest Bagpipe Supply is the same company)
Kinnaird Bagpipes & Reeds – Lotsa great suplys, good folks who have handled my piping needs well. (Saskatoon, SK)
Mcintosh Highland Supply – Snother good place for bagpipe supplies and more. (Port Coquitlam, BC)
Kilts, Clothes, Accessories & Import Gifts
Scottish Country Shop – Great folks providing a full selection of Scottish imports, kilt-wear and piping supplies (Portland, OR)
J. Higgins, Ltd. – I’ve had great mail-order experiences with this shop; seem to have competitive prices, fast order filling, and excellent customer service; Scottish imports, kilt-wear, and piping supplies. (Lenexa, KS) – More great knotwork printed T-shirts with original art by Caroline M. Dunn – Excellent T-shirts with knotwork prints and other gifts
Piping Links
04April2011 –I recently learned of Alternative Pipers of North America — looks like what this site represent my work in-part resembles. I’ve made some submissions to them and intend to keep my eye in their direction
Viper Piper’s Bagpipe Tunes – Free Highland bagpipe sheet music downloads & more. – Free Highland bagpipe sheet music downloads & more. – Pipers & Drummers, if you want to be in a big parade full of friends for a good cause, go here. – The latest, coolest multimedia site for piping and Celtic music. Piping radio, mp3 downloads and more.
How To Become A Rotten Piper – By Andrew Lenz. This article is poking fun at all the things that pipers can do to really mess up their playing — read this with a sense of humor.
Piper’s Dictionary by Andrew Lenz – Pipers say the darnedest things! …but what do they mean? This is a great place to go when you run into a piping word or phrase that confuses the heck out of you. It’s also fun just to browse.
Bagpipe Tuning – A “long-winded explanation on how bagpipes are tuned”. This is helpful if you are already a musician and have questions about how bagpipes tune compared to other instruments.
Piper & Drummer Magazine – The premier piping and drumming magazine, both online and in print. The most up to date information, informative articles and most entertaining visitor polls.
Piping Today Magazine – A new, and very popular, piping publication from the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland.
TuneNamer and BandNamer – Plenty of fun for naming your latest composition or new pipe & drum band.
Types of Bagpipes – Yes, there are many … something like 4500 years-worth across 26 different countries.
The Bagpipes go to the movies – Good fun
Celtic Album Supply – Order all kinds of bagpipe discs from Ian Lawther — a class gentleman with a great little company.
Scottish Country Shop – Nice folks who are also carrying my Celtic-rock/fusion band’s CDs — look for “Nae Regrets”!
I used to have long hair – I cut my hair off and intend to send it to Locks Of Love.
Thanks to Eric Smiley of for giving me the Locks Of Love-donation cut! Fun guy, set an appointment with him when you need your next cut or style.
Keith Jones Music
Upbeat Wedding Officiant Tiffani V. Mondares-Riggs – “Serving couples with more than an I do!”
Lee Cronbach – a local pianist I’ve worked with
The Wickerman Festival in Scotland – the original burning man… accept no substitute ;D – Help to save the British Military Highland bagpipe & drum corps Save Tara – Help save one of the most important historic locations of Ireland from being paved over and turned into a part of the M3 road-way
An Clairín Búirthe: The Irish Bullroarer by John W. Hurley – Discussion on the Celtic bullroarer as found in the ruins of Tara (Ireland); JWHurley also reproduces bullroarers for sale.
also by JWHurley…
Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick
Temair Breg: A Study of the Remains and Traditions of Tara