Beast Within (AKA Virus Undead) (2008)

Green Ooze

This film should be watched at very least because it’s directed by two people with the names Wolf Wolff and Ohmuthi. From what I can tell it’s a German Z-film made for American audiences. It looks & feels a bit like 28 Days Later where an alternate version of the avian flu transmits a zombie virus. Add to the mix Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” — and don’t forget the college slasher film element, which of course means we also see Z-film breasts — but I gotta hand it to Wolf Wolff and Ohmuthi, what is displayed isn’t gratuitous as with most Z-films*. Oh, and how about this — NO JOURNEY — even though the main charactres are at the epicenter, they feel that where they’re at is the best place to be. Also, I gotta like the zombie cop who still eats doughnuts even though he’s undead, and I dig the recording of the grandfather’s voice that reminds me of Evil Dead I & II. The birds in “The Birds” were better than the digital birds appeared often enough in this film … which is saying something because I’ve never seen all of “The Birds”.
(* The display of gratuitous Z-film breasts is tastefully done, but don’t watch this with your kids … or your parents)

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