World War Z by Max Brooks

I got an audiobook copy of World War Z by Max Brooks sometime … somewhere … and I’ve tried listening to it a number of times but got busy and lost my place.  What I’ve heard I liked.  Lately I was given an e-reader toward my writing/book-publishing work, and with that I’ve been getting a bit into audiobooks … so… hopefully, ideally, I’ll SOON get to finally listen to this in its entirety.  The cool thing though…. when I have listened to it before, I recognized a number of the voices to the character.  If you look on Wikipedia, Max Brooks got quite the cast.

If you’ve seen the 2013 movie, staring  Brad Pitt and a bunch of people who’s names I don’t recognize, this is very different.  Having not read the book, it stands to reason that the audio book is more like the book.  Don’t get me wrong, the film was KICKASS and it’s one of my favourite Z-films.

World War Z audiobook at Wikipedia

World War Z (2013) – IMDb

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