Zombie Town (2007)

The viewing of this Z-film is best left to die-hard zombie fans — I rate it Yellow Puss.

My impression is that this B-film was financially backed by … well, possibly little more than everyone who was directly involved, made in peoples’ spare-time, assembled on an iMac, and acted by people who both wanted to be in this film and others that just agreed to fill bit-parts. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing — this is how the budget Z-film I was an extra in was made — it’s just that I think many viewers would realize that this is how some films (albums, books, etc) are made.

Zombie Town is chocked full of small-town red-necks, bad dialogue and often poor line delivery, and an unnecessary excess of swearing. I was amused to see something more or less new to me in a zombie film — the zombies live for a limited amount of time (24hrs?) and then die, with fanged slug parasites pushing out of the body seeking a new host, however those parasites die when they come into contact with salt … which is kind of like that 80s film where a bunch of university students get over-run by giant leaches from a pod that was carried aboard an alien space-craft … and I don’t know about you, but weird things like that happen to me all the time. Oh, and apparently the zombies can die from salt too — I’m going to have to watch the other 1/2 now.

DUDE — attack of killer zombie grandmothers from bingo!!!

Zombie Town at IMDB

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